Ben's Balikbayan Boxservice
Sie vertrauen - wir liefern!    You trust - we deliver!

Airfreight with Ben's Balikbayan Boxservice / Luftfrachtraten

Minimum weight: 10 kilo's, average delivery time 10 to 18 days from pick up at your address until consignee address.
PLS NOTE: Packages up to 50 kg will ONLY BE SENT BY COLLECTION airfreight TO KEEP IT AFFORDABLE !!!

Prices are door to door, insurance and customs fees/-documents included.
Packages can be taken by our drivers, too, IF PICK UP IN YOUR REGION IS TO BE DONE.
In all other cases transport to us will be by DHL, additional costs to be expected, pls contact us to get
more informations.
Pls do one pack list form (download at this website!) per box AND ADD VALUE OF CONTENTS.

Pls consider airfreight restrictions like described below.

Prices are subject to change. Pls ask always for our current prices.

Airfreight restrictions / Luftfracht Beschränkungen

Prohibited Imports as per the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations 2017

Aerosol spray with benzene  

Any jelly confectionary, including jelly mini cups or mini capsules which are intended for human consumption and contain E425 (konjac), including konjac gum or konjac glucomannane  

Any jelly mini cup or any jelly mini capsule which is intended for human consumption and which contains food additives E400(alginic acid), E401(sodium alginate), E402(potassium alginate), E403(ammonium alginate), E404(calcium alginate), E405(propane – 1,2 – diol alginate), E406(agar), E407(carrageenan), E407a (processed eucheuma seaweed), E410(locust bean gum), E412(guar gum), E413(tragacanth), E414(acacia gum), E415(xantham gum), E417(tara gum) and E418(gellan gum)  

Ball valve bottles  

Batteries containing mercury  

Bull Bars  

Containers performing the function of “aerosols” using C.F.C’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC’s (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) as propellant with contents other than pharmaceutical products  

Cosmetic products containing Vitamin K1 (Phytonadione) 

Crocidolite (blue asbestos) and its products  

Electric Water Heater with bare element and parts and accessories thereof.  

Explosives caps for toy pistols and guns containing a mixture of potassium chlorate and red phosphorus  

Fire crackers of a type commonly known as ‘pétards rapés’

Fishing hook of small size, other than those meant for re-exportation only after processing 

Incandescent lamps of 75 watts and above  

Items containing C.F.C’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC’s (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) as refrigerant or blowing agent: refrigerators, freezers, refrigerating cabinets, showcases, counters and other refrigerating or freezing furnitures, chilling units, coolers, air conditioners (including motor vehicle air conditioners), automatic beverage vending machines, incorporating refrigerating devices, cold room equipment, refrigerated transport vehicles, refrigerator insulation, freezer insulation, foam packings, dehumidifiers, fishing boat refrigeration equipment and Styrofoam  

Ivory and Tortoise Shell  

Kerosene stoves of a type commonly known as "lampes vertes" and parts thereof  

“Motorcyclists” full face protective helmets (crash helmets) equipped with tinted plastic shield  

Motor vehicle rubber tyres which, have been remoulded, recapped or regrooved